The Roo Apron came to us wanting to seriously increase online sales and social media presence. Our strategy for this client was to focus on an organic Instagram and Pinterest strategy using a combination of influencer marketing, strategic content marketing and consistency. 

The result has been a steady increase in sales year after year. Some months even showing triple-digit increases from the previous period. Pinterest always ranks in the top 3 referrers for this growing company!

“I use InHouss Media for all my Instagram and Pinterest posting strategy. Rachel is amazing at what she does and has helped grow my Instagram reach by thousands, which has also brought triple-digit increases in sales month after month. Our traffic from Pinterest consistently ranks 1st or 2nd in referral sources and has the highest conversion rates for purchases among other social media referrals. I believe this is directly due to Rachel’s strategies to optimize the Roo’s rank and searchability on Pinterest.”
Tamara Cullen

Owner, The Roo Apron

inhouss media & marketing

spokane, washington


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