Real-life tips from the front lines of digital marketing by InHouss Owner, Rachel Sandall

5 Steps to Writing a Killer Caption for Social Media

You have that perfect photo or article ready to post on your Facebook or Instagram, you sit down to post it and your mind goes completely blank when you try to think of a caption! Sound familiar? Sometimes inspiration just doesn't come, and I hear many of my clients...

My Step-by-Step Plan for Promoting an Event on Social Media

If you're planning an event, social media is your most powerful tool. Everything you need for a successful and profitable event is there, and most of it is free! I have promoted and planned many events in my day, everything from wedding shows, networking parties to...

5 Easy Ways to Track Your Social Media Results

I am conducting a survey for InHouss right now and getting some great info (thanks y’all!) from it! One of the questions was “Does social media currently get results for your business?” and so many of you answered that you weren’t sure how much business you actually...

5 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

It's so important to remember that as small business owners, the primary goal for our social media is to grow our business. It's not about getting followers, likes or having a pretty feed (although all those things are very important), it's about using it as a tool to...

How to Write an Instagram Bio that Gets Leads (with examples!)

You get precious real estate on Instagram, so it's so very important to write an Instagram bio that gets leads for your business. When someone lands on your profile it’s your one chance to tell them who you are, why you're unique and why they should follow you, and oh...

My 5 Favorite Posts for Social Media

Yesterday I did a live video about how to create a content plan that gets big results. You can view that video here. So much of creating engaging content depends on really knowing your audience and understanding their needs. Whether you know it or not, you have...

Real-life tips from the front lines of digital marketing by InHouss Owner, Rachel Sandall


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