Real-life tips from the front lines of digital marketing by InHouss Owner, Rachel Sandall

We Are Hiring: Social Media Manager Needed

InHouss is hiring! If you are looking for a job in marketing that provides you with schedule flexibility and growth potential, this is the position for you! Social Media Account Manager InHouss is growing fast and we are looking for a motivated, confident and...

5 Tips for Getting Your Business Through a Pandemic

I don't know if I have watched the news so closely since...well, maybe ever. Everything has changed in the last couple of weeks. Businesses are closed, people are stuck at home and a virus is attacking the world, and our worlds. It's safe to say, these are...

Is Facebook Dying? 5 Reasons Your Business Still Needs it.

Is Facebook dying? Is Facebook marketing still worth investing in? Public fumbles, falling stock prices, and very real security concerns have people feeling like Facebook might not be where it's at anymore. And to a degree, Facebook is slowing down. The younger...

Fail-Proof Pinterest Strategy for Etsy Shops

In writing, Etsy and Pinterest are a match made in heaven. Both platforms are geared towards women, both are places where you can find inspiration, aspiration and crafty goods that you won't find anywhere else. It's pretty easy to get started on Pinterest with Etsy,...

How to Write a Killer Caption for Social Media

How to Write a Killer Caption for Social Media

You have that perfect photo or article ready to post on your Facebook or Instagram, you sit down to post it and your mind goes completely blank when you try to think of a caption! Sound familiar? Sometimes inspiration just doesn't come, and I hear many of my clients...

We’re Hiring a Social Media Assistant!

We are looking for an ambitious part-time social media assistant to add to our team! InHouss is a digital marketing company based in Spokane serving clients all over the world. We are growing and would like to find a new team member who wants to grow with us and gain...

7 Tips for Selling Luxury Products on Pinterest

When it comes to building your luxury brand few social platforms can make the claims that Pinterest can. People come to Pinterest for two things: inspiration and to shop. If you're a high-end product then that should sound pretty awesome to you. Your product is...

Case Study: How We Got This Client to 10k Followers

I've always said that followers are not the most important metric when looking at the effectiveness of social media. I wholeheartedly believe it, but I would never say follower counts don't matter, as long as they are the RIGHT followers. And it must also be said,...

Real-life tips from the front lines of digital marketing by InHouss Owner, Rachel Sandall


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