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You don’t hear the phrase “family-owned business” very often anymore, especially when it comes to online or digital businesses. It has become a dated term to describe mom-and-pop shops that are out of touch with the modern business.

But we think it’s time to update this term. 

We are Mark and Rachel Sandall, and together we built a successful wedding media company from the ground up. With a background in journalism and marketing, Rachel used content and social media to help the audience grow. Mark built and maintained the website and all the technical parts of running a thriving business. After we sold the business we realized that together we could use our complementing skillsets to help other businesses replicate our success. Enter, InHouss Media.

We have now built a small but mighty team that helps independent businesses all over the world grow their businesses online through social media, Pinterest and a web presence they can be proud of.

For us, “Family owned” means combining our cutting edge resources, experience and strategies with the integrity and dedication that comes with a family-run business. Our rule is simple: treat your business how we would want our business to be treated. With us, you’re part of the family.





After receiving an education in applied computing, Mark spent time working for companies including Intel and Salesforce before moving into his area of passion, web-hosting as operations manager for a mid-sized hosting company.

Mark’s oversees the web-development process at InHouss and ensures our goal of good design that’s executed well, through a process that our customers enjoy and see value in.



Rachel started her career as the editor in chief of an Irish wedding magazine. Using a combination of social media and content marketing, she built a thriving wedding website that became her full-time job with employees and over 70 advertisers. She sold that business in 2015 and decided to take the tactics and strategies she learned to help other businesses replicate her success. She leads the social media team here at InHouss.

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