Our Mission:

The mission of InHouss is to give creative entrepreneurs (no matter how tiny) the tools they need to become a thriving social media powerhouse with the skills to generate leads, get sales and become a leader in online marketing.

Why InHouss?

Hello! We are Mark and Rachel Sandall and together we have been working with small business owners for over 10 years, we are also serial entrepreneurs in the online space who know the power of social media firsthand.

In 2009 we founded and built a regional wedding blog that became the largest wedding resource in the area purely through social media marketing. We sold the website in 2015 and started Sandall Social, a social media agency, that manages, consults and helps businesses with their online presence. Again, the key to success for Sandall Social has been social media (imagine that!) and in 1.5 years we have built an agency serving clients all over the world.

InHouss is the result of this career of working with, and in, small business. We have seen a gaping hole in the market to serve solo-preneurs, creatives and small business owners who know they need social media to grow their business but who can’t quite afford a professional social media manager or consultant. We believe every entrepreneur should have access to professional social media strategy, content and formulas.

Welcome to InHouss!

Meet the Founders:



Rachel Sandall started her career shortly after getting her master’s in journalism in Dublin, Ireland. She was offered a job at Ireland’s biggest wedding media company as editor-in-chief of website content and their print publication. During this time Rachel met and married her husband Mark and while planning a wedding in her hometown of Spokane, WA from a few thousand miles away, she spotted a big gap in the Pacific Northwest market. She decided to say goodbye to the magazine editor life (and, sadly, unlimited designer swag) and head home to Washington State to start AppleBrides.com. Over the next 5 years, with hardly any overhead or marketing budget, she and Mark used social media exclusively to grow Apple Brides to become the PNW’s largest wedding resource. Rachel sold Apple Brides in 2015 and started Sandall Social, a social media consulting and management company working with businesses all over the world. 



Mark is from a small city in the Southeast of Ireland called Kilkenny. He studied architecture then Computer Science, and it’s fair to say the common theme in his professional experience has been “making things work!”. His past experience ranges from supporting Salesforce.com, a sales management software company to Operations management in Web Hosting. After meeting and marrying Rachel, the couple decided to pack up and leave Ireland and move to Rachel’s hometown of Spokane, WA. Mark used his background in development to help build and sustain the technical side of AppleBrides.com. As Sandall Social grew, Mark brought his technical expertise to Sandall Social and is an expert in social media advertising, analytics and managing the business. Mark makes all the things run!