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You run a bespoke business that people love. You’ve seen growth and know there is a big future ahead. But you know that for your business to scale, something has to change.  For too long, you’ve handled everything in your business. It’s time to turn your marketing over and finally focus on the thing you do best. 


Your brand is unique, your social presence should be too. We offer social media management, advertising & consulting services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Is your website slow or dated? Or are you still trying to make Shopify or Squarespace work for your growing business? We build websites that are beautiful and functional selling machines.


Pinterest is one of the best places for independent businesses to see serious growth (we know because we see it every single day). We will help you use Pinterest to double your traffic and grow your sales.


Is it time to scale up?

It’s never been more affordable, more accessible or simpler to reach highly targeted customers.


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Why we are different

After working in the wedding industry for 8 years we realized something very important. We love working with intentional and quality-obsessed entrepreneurs. The ones who get a thrill out of seeing a customer light-up when they receive their hand-made product. The ones who have the best day when they receive a gushing review. We like working with these businesses because our marketing strategies work like gang-busters for them! Businesses who have something people love, get better results. They just do.

InHouss Marketing was founded by, Mark and Rachel Sandall, a husband and wife team who wanted to close the gap for businesses who need the powerful all-encompassing agency but who don’t want to sign over their left lung to get those high-end services that they need.

Our process is based on the idea that your digital presence is not complete unless your website and your digital marketing are working together. Each piece is vital, which is why we love being able to offer these complementing services to our clients.

We keep our team small, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service, from our family to yours.

Some Things We are Proud of

Whether it’s creating their perfect website or designing campaigns to grow sales, we love helping our clients turn goals into reality. Here’s some of our recent work.

From Our Clients

Don’t just take it from us, here is what some of our clients have to say about working with our team!

“I use InHouss Media for all my Instagram and Pinterest posting strategy. Rachel is amazing at what she does and has helped grow my Instagram reach by thousands, which has also brought triple-digit increases in sales month after month. Our traffic from Pinterest consistently ranks 1st or 2nd in referral sources and has the highest conversion rates for purchases among other social media referrals. I believe this is directly due to Rachel’s strategies to optimize the Roo’s rank and searchability on Pinterest.”

Tamara Cullen

Owner, The Roo Apron

“In-Houss has been vital for our Pinterest strategy. While we used to receive 10-50 visitors per month from Pinterest, we are now consistently getting 300-500. This has made a huge difference in our business and taken a lot off of my plate. Rachel and her team have been extremely communicative and made the process of diving into this social platform stress-free. Everything about working with In-Houss was simple, straight-forward, and highly effective. We are now prepping for our busiest summer season ever and this is due in large part to the effort from In-Houss.”
Henry Burgess-Marshall

Director of Marketing, Hot Tub Boats

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