Is Facebook dying? Is Facebook marketing still worth investing in? Public fumbles, falling stock prices, and very real security concerns have people feeling like Facebook might not be where it’s at anymore. And to a degree, Facebook is slowing down. The younger generation is not using Facebook as much and growth has slowed for the platform, BUT it still has 2.4 BILLION users and 68% of Americans still use the platform, so chances are very good that your audience is there too! When people ask me if they should just quit using Facebook, I always say Facebook is like Google. It’s so big you just have to have to deal with it on some level. Not to mention it actually owns Instagram and without a Facebook page, you are very limited on Instagram.

Facebook marketing still works for the right business, here are 5 reasons why!

1. Facebook Still Has the Most Number of Users

According to Statista and other sources; the number of Facebook users stood at 2.7 billion users, which means despite the impressive growth of other popular social media networks, this social media giant still has the largest number of users signed up. If as a business, all you need is an audience, these staggering numbers indicate that you are sure to get the most amount of audience on Facebook.

If the amount of Facebook users isn’t enough to make you lift an eyebrow, then also consider that at any given day another statistic shows that there are over 1.5 billion active users logged on to Facebook. If these numbers aren’t convincing enough, read on, we are going to make a believer out of you just yet.

2. Facebook Users Cuts Across a Wide Demographic

In 2019 stats show that out of the total number of Facebook users worldwide, nearly 6% are aged 13-17, over 25% are between 18-24, 22% are between 25-34 (19% are male and are the largest demographic of Facebook users), 16.5% are aged 35-44, and 45-54 accounts for slightly over 10%, while 55 and above constitute a total of 11%.

From these statistics, it is easy to surmise that the demographics of Facebook users cut across most age demographics. The number of American Facebook users was around 68% which amounts to 190 million people, this eye-catching number only accounts for 10% of global users. So, if you are business seeking international patronage, Facebook marketing might be the way to go. Even more exciting is the fact that Facebook is making the most of mobile marketing as 96% of its users access Facebook on their mobile phones.

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3.  Adept Marketing Tools and Features

Simply putting up ads for your products and service is not enough to grow your customer base, your marketing strategy will have to be optimized and streamlined to target people who might be interested in what you have to offer. With different types of tools and ads, Facebook ensures that your ad campaigns are highly targeted to people that are most likely to be interested in your brand. You can choose to target your audience by their online behaviors, demographics, locations, interest and so on. With tools like Facebook ads Manager, you will be able to manage your ads on an unparalleled level.

4. Facebook Ads Are Cheaper

Although relying on organic reach on your page is an option, with paid Facebook ads your business can garner massive momentum in a shorter period of time. For quite a small amount of money, you can ensure that thousands of leads are seeing your campaigns daily. Facebook and social media advertising is BY FAR the cheapest way to reach people compared to traditional media. Even better, businesses can choose almost any rate plan that suits their budget. The targeting and retargeting capabilities on Facebook are also amazing and allow you to nurture and convert those followers into customers.

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5. It’s Always Evolving to Get Better

As marketers, we always roll our eyes when Facebook comes out with an algorithm change, but when it comes down to it, Facebook is constantly making improvements to ensure that users only see posts that are relevant to them. Which is a good thing for businesses! This makes marketing your business on Facebook even better because this helps make sure your campaigns reach the most viable leads.

These five reasons show that the Facebook train is still moving fast and is poised to take your business to the upper echelon of your industry.