Creating graphics for Pinterest is one of the most important parts of a Pinterest strategy. Pinterest is a visual search engine, people are deciding what to click on or repin purely based on the enticement of your pin image. If you’re design-challenged like me, that thought is pretty intimidating. How are you supposed to create graphics for Pinterest when you aren’t a designer? Thankfully there are tons of tools for amateurs to create graphics that will stand out on Pinterest! Don’t let this be the reason you don’t use Pinterest, because if you sell products to women online, Pinterest should be your JAMMMMMM.

First things first, sites like Canva and Easel offer Pinterest templates, which makes it incredibly easy to plug and play with your images and branding. So before you go on to the next few tips, get an account and find a couple templates you like. I recommend mixing and matching your templates. Test them out and see which ones perform best. One of the keys to a successful Pinterest strategy is constantly creating new content to pin!

Get high-quality photos of your product on a white background.

It’s an investment for sure, but getting high-quality product shots is key to success for your e-commerce business on Pinterest. You want to make sure you have shots of your product on a clean and simple background. These can be used to clearly display what your product is. Lighter images, tend to perform better on Pinterest, which is why I recommend a white or light background.

Get quality photos of your product in use.

After you have some good product shots, it’s important to have quality photos of your product in use. This will look different for each business, maybe it’s an action shot, someone wearing it or a before and after shot. You need some way to show the RESULTS of using your product.

Use your branding or logo on every pin.

You want to put your mark on every product pin so people can know where it’s from and how to buy it. Yes, it will be linked to your website, but use the opportunity to build brand recognition by putting your logo and branding on your pins.

Use text to tell a story.

Put bold text on your images to give the full story to the viewer. Ask yourself what problem your product solves and make it clear on your pins.

Include the price and a call to action. 

Research has shown that including a price and call to action will help a pin perform better. Remember, people are on Pinterest looking for inspiration and products to buy. Be bold in your marketing and give them the information and info they need to understand your product.

Have a blog that incorporates your product.

Ok, so this one is not strictly about graphics, but it is related, I promise! Having a blog for your product business is a fabulous way to get more traffic to your website and give people more excuses to interact with your brand. Some people may be more likely to click on a blog post that will give them value, than a straight-up product shot. I don’t think you need to be blogging every day, but having a pool of content to pin to can be very helpful in your Pinterest strategy. It will also open up new audiences and potential customers!

Commit to writing 10 blog posts and then one every month. You can repin to your old posts by simply creating new graphics for them. This is a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that we have pinned many times using different graphics.

You’re busy, you might not have time to handle graphics and Pinterest marketing. You know Pinterest is important, so let us help! We offer Pinterest Management for small businesses just like you!

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Special thanks to one of our favorite clients, The Roo Apron, for letting us use her amazing company as an example for this post!