Do you hate social media?

So many people (especially after the last election) have what I call “social media burnout”. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone wants to delete their Facebook or Instagram. People are overwhelmed and over the whole thing and as someone who spends every waking minute on social media, I have to say I am pretty burnt out at times too. It’s in these moments that I try and remind myself that I don’t need to invest in social media personally to invest in it for business. I have shifted my mindset to see it as a marketing tool, not a place to vent about the latest political scandal (and you can be sure I am very heavy on the “block” button for friends who see it as a place to do that).

So how can business owners who hate using social media or who feel overwhelmed by it still find a way to use it for their business? First and foremost you need to believe in it as a place to grow your business. You will find it more palatable when you understand that this is a necessary part of marketing your business. It works! And when you use it you will reap the benefits. Here are some other practical tips for entrepreneurs who hate social media.

Separate your personal account.

This one is vital. Don’t try to operate your business out of your personal account, even if you find you get a better response or better engagement. There are many reasons including including the fact Facebook has said it’s against their terms and conditions and also because it will make it easier for you to see social media as a place to do business, not a place to mindlessly scroll. I think this applies to ALL businesses, even if YOU are the brand and the business is based on your name and personality. You should still set up a business account that you can run your business under.¬† For example, if you are a business coach operating your business under your name, make sure you have a separate business account where you post things related to your business and one that is personal (pics of your cat, etc). Make a list of the type of content that will go on each account so it’s clear in your mind where things go.

*Please note that you do need a personal Facebook account to operate a business page. However, using the Facebook Business Manager will make it easy to just manage your page without ever logging onto your personal account.*

Make it about the money.

Want to stay motivated to stay consistent on social media? Start making money from it! Tracking your sales, traffic and growth will help you keep your head in the game. Make sure you have your Google Analytics up and running so you can see which platforms are performing. You can track links by using, a tool that counts the number of times a certain link is clicked. You will also find helpful statistics in the insights of the platforms themselves, see how many times people have viewed your profile, clicked through to your website or how many new followers you’ve received. Things we track, grow! So be sure to plot out your progress.

Be selective with your platforms.

Different platforms excel at different things, and while I think each platform is very important in its own right, it’s helpful to know that you don’t have to use all of them. Use the few that work the best for your business! Try and narrow it down to two or three and focus in on those. It could be that you aren’t getting traction because you are using the wrong social media platform for your business. Maybe you’re a Pinterest business but you’re trying to force Twitter to do the job. Knowing you only have to post on two profiles will be a relief to anyone hates social media!

Batch it, schedule it.

Don’t waste time every day worrying about what to post, schedule your content out in a cohesive way that is consistent with your marketing goals.¬†Once you have a good social media strategy in place then it’s really as simple as carving out time to execute. I find this is much easier when I do it in a batch. I schedule two weeks of content in one sitting, the key here is to make sure you carve this time out in your calendar regularly. To schedule 2-3 weeks of content, you will likely need about 3-4 hours (provided you have a good base of content to pull from).

Outsource it.

If you really, really hate social media, I have good news. You can pretty much outsource every part of it, from the graphics and content creation to managing comments, it can all be done by someone else! And it’s not as expensive as you would think, especially since you will be getting more sales to help cover the investment, and then some. As a social media agency, I love being able to take this mammoth task off of my clients’ plates so they can focus on their business again. We try and make the transition as smooth as possible and our motto is that the client can be as involved or un-involved as possible. We see it as our job to make every detail easier for you!

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