This isn’t a post to rag on interns or assistants, I’ve been both and I’ve used both. They are valuable parts of any business. This is a post about making sure you have the right person for the right job AND that you don’t waste your time and money. More and more, every company needs to have a Social Media Manager for their business, whether in-house or out-of-house.

Here’s what the definition of this person is:

“A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation.”

This is someone trusted with guiding the overall strategy of your entire social media marketing campaign. If you want to be successful at marketing this day-in-age, you need to have a good social strategy, and having someone who is dedicated to this part of your business will be so valuable to your businesses growth and success.

But it’s time to clear this up once and for all; just because someone is under 30 does NOT mean they are the right person to handle this role. Posting filtered pics from spring break on Instagram is not the same as marketing a business on Instagram.

just because someone is under 30

Your intern might be extremely talented, maybe you have the best intern in the world, but you wouldn’t hand them your checkbook and ask them to take over the bookkeeping. Your assistant might be a master scheduler, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to send them out on a sales call. Putting the right person in the right job is a crucial part of managing and running a business.

Social media marketing is a skill set. It is developed, sharpened and improves with research and experience. Using it well could drastically grow your business, using it poorly will, at the least, waste an opportunity and at the most, cost you money.  Here are a couple ways not hiring a professional social media manager could be costing you customers!

5 Reasons Your Intern Should not Be Your Social Media Manager

1. Optimization. Every post you put out on social media needs to be planned for the audience it’s going to and for the platform, it’s going on. So auto-posting from Insta to Facebook is not an effective strategy.  Each platform has different rules and what works on Instagram is not the same as what works on Pinterest, each message should be crafted for each platform. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time because no one is seeing your posts anyway.

2. There’s no lead funnel. Social Media should always be one part of a larger marketing strategy. Whoever is doing your social media should have a good handle on what your goals are and work with you to develop a lead generation funnel, with social media being one piece of the whole puzzle. This sounds simple enough, but this is where experience and marketing prowess is key to success. If your intern has never worked in marketing or sales before, asking this of them is a tall order.

3. They don’t have a growth strategy. Your intern will probably have no issues with scheduling content for you, they can probably even schedule it out months in advance, but unfortunately, this is not all you need to grow your following. Social media is not a set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategy, it’s about building a community and relationship with your audience. This takes time, effort and genuine engagement. To stand out in this noisy world, you have to employ some creative tactics to find more customers.

4. They are wasting your ad money. The targeting and optimization that social media allows us is amazing! Using the finely tuned systems that these platforms have for advertizing can save you a ton of money. Instead of just throwing up an ad to anyone who walks by, you’re able to target the people who want to see it and who are likely to respond to it, saving you time and resources. It’s not enough to just throw a couple hundred bucks behind a post, you want someone who knows how to choose the right audience and then RETARGET them later with another ad. It’s a system and getting it right will pay off!

5. They can’t keep up with trends and industry changes. What works on social this week will probably not work next week. Algorithms, trends and features change almost daily requiring a change in strategy and tactics. You want someone doing your social media who has a finger on industry news and trends and someone who can ensure you are using social to it’s fullest. I’m not necessarily saying this needs to be a professional social media manager, but it does need to be someone who has time to devote to research and learning. Because it’s a fast game and you want to have someone who can keep up!

Hiring a social media manager is not as expensive as losing customers because of mismanagement. If you’d like more info about hiring a professional social media manager, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch soon!

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