For product-based businesses, Instagram is a no-brainer. It’s a platform that can¬†showcase beautiful products and an opportunity for customers to spread the word about their favorite purchases! But can service-based businesses utilize Instagram to grow their businesses? If so, then how?

The first thing to note if you’re running a service-based business is that most likely, YOU are the face of your company. So finding a way to infuse your personality and priorities is key. This doesn’t mean you have to air your dirty laundry but it does mean that you have to bring a personal touch to all marketing.

Here are five more ways to use Instagram to grow your service-based business:

1. Go LIVE!

Instagram Stories and Live is a great tool for entrepreneurs to share their personalities and expertise with their audience. You know what problems you can solve for your community, and you can use live videos to address those issues head-on! For example…maybe you’re a life coach. Do a live walk-through of a sample coaching session or interview a client who is willing to give a testimonial! Show why people should hire YOU by giving them a glimpse into your life. Live videos can also be used to do a Q+A to answer frequently asked questions. There are many creative ways to use the live video tool on Instagram as well. Just be sure you are engaging your community.

Tip: Monitor your views and responses to your live videos so you can gain clarity on what your audience loves to see!

2. Inspire

In a world full of tragedy and negativity, people come to Instagram to be inspired. They want to scroll through your page and find posts that put a smile on their face or motivate them to do more. Try to make your feed a place of inspiration and fun. Post content that your ideal customer will find interesting. You could do this through memes, gifs or quotes. You can find graphics to share or you can easily design original quote graphics on Just download stock images (we love Urban Rose Stock), find quotes that fit your niche, then put them all together into a unique template.

Tip: Be sure to include your logo on the image so that if the image is re-grammed, people will be led back to you!

3. Build a Community

Instagram is all about making connections. You should know your ideal clients and be able to find them! The first place to look is on Instagram pages of other leaders in your same industry. Use the “follow” and “following” tabs at the top of Instagram pages to see who others in your niche are following and who is following them. Then, engage with those people’s posts and request to follow! This will grow your audience, as most will follow back, and it will also ensure that your new followers are interested in the services you are selling! Another way to find the right people to engage with is using the right hashtags! Click on hashtags and find other pictures using the same hashtags where your ideal customer might be hanging out. Like or comment on the pictures to engage. Don’t forget to engage and respond to comments on YOUR posts as well.

Tip: Be sure that when you are engaging you are being genuine and not salesy. No one likes that!

4. Show Your Work

Most businesses on Instagram fall into one of two camps. They either ask for the sale WAY too much or they never do! We want something in the middle. Don’t be afraid to show your portfolio, to post client testimonials and to educate people about the services you offer. Maybe you choose a service of the week, a case study or even post your prices on a post. You might assume your followers know exactly what you do and how you can help them, but it’s probably not true. Tell them how you can help, then tell them again (when it’s appropriate).

5. Micro-Blog

Instagram is a great opportunity to give tips and provide value to your followers. You can use it to share your blog posts, but you can also use it to write micro-blogs. For example, to share value with our followers from this blog post, we can take one point from this post and turn it into an IG post along with the picture. It’s important to also provide the link to the full blog post in the bio if there is a longer post available.

How do you use Instagram for YOUR service-based business? Tell us in the comments!

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