If you’re planning an event, social media is your most powerful tool. Everything you need for a successful and profitable event is there, and most of it is free!

I have promoted and planned many events in my day, everything from wedding shows, networking parties to conferences and virtual summits, and I have realized that there is a consistent strategy that I always use. And honestly, it hasn’t failed me yet.

Step by Step Guide to Promoting a Successful Event on Social Media

1. Set up an actual Facebook Event.

Facebook event pages are a powerful tool for event promotion! You can set a location, date and time and make the event page the hub of your event. Connect your event to your business Facebook page to increase reach and let your audience know you have it. This is a great first step to launching your event.

I use the event page for announcements, to answer questions and to generate excitement. I also tell people to invite their friends (if it’s an open event).


2. Make graphics for all platforms.

If you want your event to look professional, fun and legit, make some really inviting graphics to use in your promotion. Design these in different sizes and give yourself some options so it doesn’t look like you’re posting the same thing every day. Be sure you use the right size dimensions for these, it makes a big difference. Here are some graphic types to consider:

  • Facebook event cover photo (this is a different size than a FB page cover photo)
  • Facebook Page cover photo (change this out before the event to generate some excitement)
  • Facebook page post (use less text on this one so you can boost it, Facebook does not like text heavy images)
  • Instagram Post
  • Long image for your blog


3. Do a 1-minute intro video.

Make a 1-minute video telling people about your event and why they need to come. Pin this to the top of your business page and to your event page, then pay boost it for the weeks leading up to your event (even just $5 a day). Be energetic and make sure you’re really emphasizing why the viewer needs to come and give a clear call to action (get your tickets here, get more info at the link, tickets are going fast, reserve yours here, etc). Copy in the event page or link to the website in your caption so people can find out more.


4. Have a strong lead page.

This might be one of the most crucial steps. When people want to buy tickets or sign up make sure it’s easy for them to do it. Entice them with a strong sales page telling them WHY they can’t miss it. You can use testimonials, pictures from a previous event or a strong list of everything they will get from attending, not just the basics of what their ticket will include, but focus on the experience they will have if they attend. I recommend using a site like leadpages.com or unbounce.com to make sure your page is optimized to convert (believe me, this makes a massive difference!).


5. Talk about the event ALL the time (but don’t be annoying!)

Promote your event as consistently as you can up until the day, increasing frequency as you get closer. To avoid sounding like a broken record or to annoy people, think of different ways to talk about it. You could go live talking about preparations or some of the benefits, you could post behind-the-scenes photos of the planning, do interviews with your speakers or guests, give a percentage off on some days or do a giveaway for tickets.


6. Reach out to influencers.

You want people to think that all the cool kids are going to your event! Reach out to some key influencers and give them tickets and ask them to post about it, you could also give them a couple to give away to their audience.


7. Designate a social media person for the event day.

If you’re planning the event, chances are you’ll be too busy to use social media consistently on the day (or days) leading up the event. So ask someone to help you! This is especially important if you are selling tickets at the door or if you do this event annually (make people wish they were going so they come next year!).


What are your best event promotion tips? Tell me below!