It’s so important to remember that as small business owners, the primary goal for our social media is to grow our business. It’s not about getting followers, likes or having a pretty feed (although all those things are very important), it’s about using it as a tool to connect with customers. Now, don’t get me wrong, social media is definitely a long-term game; building trust, community and relationships with your followers take time. But the goal is that eventually, those followers will love you and your brand enough to BUY. This is why I am so passionate about using social media with a clear goal and purpose. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be clear what you’re trying to achieve.

In today’s post, I am going to share 5 tips for selling products on Instagram. Selling a product is different than a service, in some ways you have more freedom to ask for the sale, but it can be challenging to know how to do that in a relatable and authentic way. Here are five ways I think you can sell on Instagram and still remain true to yourself and your brand.

5 Tips for Selling Your Products on Instagram

1. Be meticulous when it comes to photos.

Having beautiful and on-brand photos is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to selling on Instagram. It’s so worth it to hire a professional photographer and stylist to get those top notch shots of the things you sell. I know the cost of a shoot can scare people, but even if you just do one or two photo shoots a year, you will get so much mileage out of them, I promise! It’s the quickest way to appear more professional, branded and appealing to your fans.

2. Connect with influencers.

Influencer marketing is my favorite strategies for product based businesses. Send your items to people with influence in your industry, let them take pictures and post about them to their followers. This can be one of your strongest growth strategies! Nothing is better than a personal recommendation, so when an influencer reviews it has so much power with their audience. Spend some time researching bloggers and Instagrammers in your niche, you obviously want them to have a good amount of followers, but it’s more important that their audience is engaged. 2,000 active and loyal followers are way better than 15,000 random and unengaged followers! You could also offer to send them a product to give away to their audience. This is a fun way to incentivise them to follow your account too!


5 Tips for Selling Your Products on Instagram

3. Make it super easy to buy.

This might seem obvious, but I see so many shops and bloggers get this wrong. It’s so important to make it super simple for people to see a product you post and buy it. This means you need to have a good link strategy, whether it’s using, ShopStyle or (which I don’t think it very simple btw!). Find something your followers can depend on and understand. Give them prices when it’s applicable and tell them in the caption how they can buy that item and anything else that might pull sway with them; free shipping, a sale, etc.


5 Tips for Selling Your Products on Instagram

4. Brand your account.

Make sure your feed feels like your shop and the person who would buy from you. When someone lands on your profile you want them to understand your brand and what you sell. If you sell boho skirts, make sure the filters and photos you use match the quality and vibe of your clothing. Again, this is where getting those quality photos will pay off big time! You will be shocked how fast your engagement and following go up when your feed and photos look great and speak to your audience.

5. Use and be active in niche hashtags.

Hashtags are your best friend! Find targeted hashtags where your audience hangs out and become active in them. Like, comment, follow and become an integral part of those hashtags. It’s also important to use well-researched hashtags that are very niche. For example, if you sell candles on Etsy, don’t use the hashtag #candles, instead use ones like #etsysellers #weddingfavors #soycandles etc. Hashtags that are more focused and small work the best.


5 Tips for Selling Your Products on Instagram